Avoid The Fireworks Update 0.1

Hello everybody and welcome back to a update! So I didn't do that much this update but I mainly just moved the buttons on the main menu and added a news panel! The news panel will be used to show you if a new game is about to come out and mainly for things about the game whether it is a bug fix or we are adding/removing something it will go there! I am working on a co-op mode where if you have a friend with you you and your friend can play the game at the same time and have lots of fun! The plan is that the co-op mode will be using the same keyboard together because not a lot of games now a days have local co-op mode! This is also the first dev log I have ever done on itch.io so I am sorry if it doesn't look good! If you have any suggestions on anything we should change about the game let me know and I might add it! This is all the time I got right now so I hope you have a nice day and be sure to check out the Gammatic Studios website and Youtube channel and have a nice day!


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Jun 16, 2017

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